Forget The Economy — Your Thoughts Really Create Your Business Reality.

My grandfather was an example of an entrepreneur who overcame great
financial hardship to achieve wealth in his lifetime. He had immigrated to
the United States when he was eight years old from Russia in 1913 with his
family. By the time he was eleven he left school to start his own business
so he could help support his poor family. He never returned to a formal
education and spent the rest of his life building a multi-million dollar
empire of several businesses starting with no money. He built extremely
successful businesses during World War One, World War Two, during times of
economic growth and during economic depression.

Although he started out with empty pockets, in his mind he considered
himself to be rich. Despite being a poor Russian immigrant and having only a
fifth grade education, my grandfather practiced how to be rich from the time
he was very young. He focused on what he was going to get, not what he didn’
t have.

My grandfather focused on an internal state of prosperity consciousness. He
didn’t pay attention to what the economy was doing. He was always looking
for opportunities. And he found them…everywhere! He never focused on
lack. He focused on prosperity.

If you focus your thoughts on lack in any area of your business you will
have a problem before you ever begin to spend a dime on marketing. Your
thoughts about money have a direct affect on the growth of your business.
That is why the first step to achieving business success is to create an
internal focus of prosperity consciousness before you externally focus on
how to develop new business.

Your thoughts are governed by the universal law of energy – what you focus
on becomes your reality. In other words, your thou